Generate a Linkify.Me short link and pass it to your visitors to track a given URL.

Tracking & Statistics

Every visitor to your unique short link is logged, providing only you with powerful statistics on who is visiting your pages.

Customized Short Link

Pick a unique short link that works for you and your needs (e.g.,,, etc.).

Fast & Reliable

With super-fast servers, Linkify.Me doesn't throttle traffic or make your visitors wait before redirecting them to your page.

Free Forever

This is a free service, ran for the benefit of all users who want to log visitors - please don't use it to link to malware or illegal content.

Generating Links

Tracking Code:

(Case Sensitive)
Use this code on Linkify.Me to track all visitors to the below short links.

Linkify.Me is a vital tool for tracking the visitors coming to our website from our email newsletter. We learn which hyperlinks are popular, and which are being overlooked. This helps us tailor our approach the next time around to maximize click-through rates.

Branded Short Domains. Our Enterprise Model.

Our enterprise users keep this service running free. Get in touch to learn about how we can tailor Linkify.Me to your specific brand.

What is a Branded Short Domain?

For clients who generate thousands of links each day, we can register short versions of your company name as a short domain name.

For example, say your company was called "Big Kayak Store Retail LLC" with a domain name of "", we could register, host and create a system for you to use "" as a short-url for all the links you use online, in emails, or even on printed materials like business cards and flyers.

Having a branded short domain means your customers spend less time looking, and more time interacting with your company. Linkify.Me enables you to track the visitors hitting each link from your branded short domain, creating powerful business analytic tools.

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